Three Rooks Music is a production studio and artist's collective from the United Kingdom.

Audio Production

Professional mixing and mastering services, tailored to bringing out the very best in your audio.

No algorhythms or stock presets are used in my work - each project is tailored individually to genre and my client's specifications. I believe communication between artist and engineer is the key to a successful project, so I always listen closely to when a client tells me what they want to hear that first time they play their new mix or master.

You can hear some of my latest work by streaming my 2019 Mixing & Mastering Showreel.


A launchpad for non-mainstream sounds.

I started Three Rooks Records in 2012 as a creative launchpad for bands with whom I was involved with in a creative or production role.

Check out our current roster of bands, or head over to the Three Rooks Bandcamp to get your ears round a hand-picked catalogue of albums from independent artists I'm proud to have worked with.


Huge Rock and Electronic Sounds.

With over a decade of exerience as a creative musician, I can offer composition services for your multimedia projects, delivering original music that sync's perfectly with any moving image work - from video games to film.

My service includes writing and arranging of pieces, plus a project-ready mix and master delivered to your specifications.

You can hear some of my latest work by streaming my 2019 Composition Showreel.

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