Audio Production

Professional mixing and mastering services, tailored to bring out the very best in your audio.

No algorhythms or stock presets are used in my work - each project is tailored individually to genre, format and client's specifications. I also believe communication between artist and engineer is the key to a successful project.

You can hear some of my latest work by streaming my Mixing & Mastering Showreel.


A bespoke mixing service with high standards


I passionately believe underground music deserves a professional sound. Every mixing project, wether a single song or whole album is approached differently depending on client need and genre to deliver the sound that your audience lives and breathes.

I specialise in working with heavier genres of music - Rock and Metal, Industrial and Hard Electronica.

Contact me now and let's talk about your project.

You can listen to a sample of my latest work below:
Three Rooks Music ยท 2020-21 showreel


A bespoke Digital Mastering Solution


That final and crucial stage in a song's production, wether being streamed, played from CD, an MP3 or Vinyl I can ensure that your music always delivers the punch and clarity associated with the best commericial labels.

I can make different masters that are optimised for streaming, Cd or Vinyl. I will not crush the life out of music using harsh limiting (unless you want that sound, of course).

Contact me now and let's talk about your project.

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